Sonya Booker BSN, MA, RN has been a registered nurse for over 30 years.  While she was attending the University of Virginia Nursing School, she received a diagnosis of Cushing’s Disease which is an over secretion of the hormone, cortisol due to a pituitary tumor.  This experience taught her how stress is key to many health problems and has a huge impact on a person’s health.  Her perspective of health is holistic and she believes God’s principles provide the foundation for our personal health.  She also views health as a lifestyle where healthy habits are the norm.   Her experience has included working and leading in multiple arenas within healthcare from critical care, emergency medicine to wellness and prevention.  It was during her experience as a RN Health coach where she discovered her passion for helping and coaching people on their journey to abundant health.  She has established and taught health education classes and workshops for over 20 years with several churches after obtaining her certificate in Faith Community Nursing.   She also obtained her Master of Arts in Leadership from Shorter University and has a goal to teach people to become leaders of their health and become an influence to others.  In her future endeavors she wants to continue to help people obtain optimal health so they may have the energy and longevity to fulfill their God-given assignment and purpose.