The Vision of Abundant Glory Christian Center

Foundational Scripture: Matthew 11:2 – 5. “Go tell what you see and hear…”

  1. To train and raise up leaders in the body of Jesus Christ who will impact all segments of society for the kingdom of God through the power and love of God.
    1. Provide training, counseling, nurturing, coaching and mentorship for God’s people.
      1. Prepare through instruction and practical application those who are called into the five fold ministry to fulfill their calling. This will be done by challenging them, stretching them and assisting them as needed to go out and minister.
      2. Prepare through instruction and practical application those who are called into the Helps ministry.
      3. Provide resources where appropriate to help these leaders be successful in their callings.
  2. All members will be on a training path to discover their calling and destiny.
    1. We will provide a safe haven for those in transition and in need of rest and/or healing for period of time. But while resting from active ministry, they must enroll in a training path to receive whatever is needed to help them get ready to minister again. They may not lead, but must be learning and growing.
    2. We will assist in helping persons who do not know what God wants them to do to discover their calling and then train them up to actually be ministering in it.
  3. Provide training from children through adult with feedback.
  4. Provide licensing and ordination when necessary.
  5. To provide an atmosphere of praise and worship where the Holy Spirit will not only be present but where His glory will be in manifestation through signs and wonders.
  6. To be a place where the reality of Christ cannot be denied and where we will not only know the scriptures but also the power of God (Matthew 22:29).